iOS 7 Bugs Fix list for iPhone / iPad / iPod touch

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Yesterday, iOS 7 has been released and today bugs are now coming in. This seems to be same kind of release when we received iOS 6 which was full of bugs. I remember how people went nuts after updating into iOS 6. So far UI of iOS 7 is far too brighter and having different approach when it comes to UI. But the iOS 7 bugs are there so we can expect some swift update patch or iOS 7 beta 1 seed inside developers area.


Bugs of iOS 7

1. Battery Darin out Bug:

So far as usual, one big issue has been cracking in where people are complaining about battery’s drain out. Those who have updated on latest Depending upon the usage and sync, Battery of iPhone 4S specially goes down very quickly where as others are better on maintaining.

Battery Darin out Fix:

Those who used to use iPhone 4S with rigidness and does follow the frequent charging routine now will have to get in touch with the charging slots and do not feel ashamed of it as you have to use the gadget. Turn off your wifi and GPS where you do not need them

Turn off the bluetooth and increase your sync timings so that till you get another fix, you can enjoy the better and lightened UI of iOS 7.

2. Ring tone volume and vibration level not as loud as it was in previous iOS version.

This another bug which people are complaining right niw and the only fix is to get some louder ring tone because default ring tone volume has gone as well.

3. blue screen of death

Well another ruthless bug has been reported by few iPhone 5c user where the iPhone 5c has been bricked. This is same of Blue screen of death which normally comes on #Windows pirated version. People and developers are working on this problem and we will try to bring the remedy very soon.

Other bugs will be discussed once we get hold of their fixes. So stay in touch

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