Redsn0w / Absinthe for iPhone 5 / iOS 6 Untethered Jailbreak – Expected in Few days

Well right after the sale of iPhone 5, developers are the first who are on iPhone 5 and iOS 6 as they wanted to complete the task of Jailbreaking via Redsn0w / Absinthe for iPhone 5 / iOS 6 Untethered Jailbreak and now it is already been done and reported by Grant Paul in his tweet where he told the followers that he has done it. Now it is now almost official that iPhone 5 is Jailbroken already and of course iPhone 5 is running on iOS 6, which clearly mean that ioS 6 for A6 will be possible and proper release would be coming out very soon.

Guys, it is not the era of 3.1.3 OS where you have to cook the IPSW file for the custom jailbreak now the developers of Jailbreak tool already went across and they have done enough to settle any of the latest iOS firmware update. All they have to do is make little adjustments in the present Jailbreak Tools to Jailbreak latest Firmware. Frequency has been increased and people i believe will not have to wait for long, who want to have jailbroken iPhone 5 with Cydia installed on it.

Here is the Screen shot which Grant Paul showed us few minutes ago which shows that Redsn0w / Absinthe for iPhone 5 running on iOS 6 is surely coming in few days now.

















Now if you have already install iOS 6 Manually or over OTA, and you are from A4 family, you can Jailbreak your iPhone 4 / iPod Touch with Redsn0w 0.9.13dev4 do check the jailbreak guide.

via grantPaul Tweet (@chpwn)


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