How to Sync iOS 6 Notes with Evernote via iNotes App

Everyone who is using Apple and iOS 5 and will be eying on iOS 6 will be familiar with the iNotes App, which has brought notifications system to the near era. Now guys you can still sync your iOS Notes with Evernote via iNotes App adn the process is not at all difficult even newbie can opt and can setup to Sync iOS 6 Notes with Evernote via iNotes App. And fro further and onwards, With the help of Siri and voice command you can further add the notes and can bring your life at ease.


iNotes App is available in the itunes at $2 and with help of iNotes App once you setup Sync process for iOS 6 Notes via iNotes, Your Everynote will be carrying your notes, even if you ask Siri to ask a moment or a event to remember on one specific date and day.

How to Sync iOS 6 Notes with Evernote via iNotes App Service

So here is a little and easiest process to setup to Sync IOS 6 Notes with Evernote via iNotes App:

  • First get the iNotes App from iTunes.
  • Install is and run it.
  • Now in Notes, for the very first time, it will take you through different easy guided process, just see them and then it will ask you to install. new profile.
  • Install the new profile and after that it will test as usual.
  • Then go to App setting and select the option to use iNotes Service to Sync.
  • That’s it.

From onwards, Every note which you save either manually or via Siri, it will be Sync with Evernote via iNotes App Service.


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