Shortest Process to Enable Multitasking in Cydia on Jailbreak iDevices

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We all are very much familiar with the Multitasking feature and we all knows that after launch of iOS 4, Multitasking feature was included but for Cydia it was not done. The Cydia of older version when rebooted the last function cannot be reinstated or restart but the new version has the ability to do so. Resume feature is now included in latest Cydia versions and same it goes with the Multitasking feature. Now we have found a very short process guide.


This particular process guide will enable Multitasking in Cydia which was by default disabled. Now here are the few steps but before that one has to know that your iPhone, Iapd or iPd Touch should be Jailbroken.

Here is the Process.

  1. First Install iFile App from Cydia.
  2. Start the iFile App and enter into Root File System and open the Application tab.
  3. After Application, open the “”.
  4. Once you open the scroll down and Tap on “info.plist” to open it. and open “Property List” View.
  5. now scroll down and find “UIApplicationExistsonsuspend” and by default its properties are ON, tunr it Off and Reboot your iDevice.
  6. Once rebooted, you are done that’s it. thanks

Note: we will not be responsible for any harm as it is tweak open for you all.


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