How to Install GingerBreak 2.3.2 inside LG Optimus S

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Well latest update about Android world has been made, and already one guys from the Android Central has Ported and Installed the Android GingerBread 2.3.2 inside LG Optimus S successfully, which is very interesting for the Android users, specially for the LG Optimus S users and LG users because, every second Android users are very much interested in porting different update versions of Androids OS.

So here is the news and the method is also took, which already having some minor errors and you are not advised to go with the porting procedure because this particular method is still having some bugs and error and the team who have ported and isntalled GingerBreak inside LG Optimus are busy in resolving those issues. So far here is the method which is mentioned in AndroidCentral.

How to Install
Most custom recovery (if not all, including mine) have a bug with the CM7 nighty’s that does not properly wipe /system.
This can leave leftover files that we had removed, which can cause trouble with the new files.
THEREFORE please use the following method to flash each new NIGHTLY:
1) Flash
2) Then flash the currently NIGHTLY
3) Then flash Google Apps
4) reboot

If you have trouble after that, reboot and wipe data/cache.

Notes: This was only tested using Xionia CWMA.
1) Make Nandroid Backup
2) Wipe data/cache
3) Install zip provided
4) Reboot and enjoy beta gingerbread.

ROM is odexed. No need to deodex, as there is now a built in realtime theme changer

Note : The above mentioned method is in testing phase and we are not liable for any damages for your cellphone

Src: AndroidCentral via BlogsDNA

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