Unlock iPhone IOS 4.2.1 via Ultrasnow 1.2 for iPhone 3G/3GS

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It was not to old that we were talking about the iPhone IOS 4.2.1 Unlock and it has been released due to some genius exploit by Dev Team. It was concluded while using the iPad 3.2.2 baseband 06.15.00, which is observed to be Unlockable. Yes with few and minor changes iPhone IOS 4.2.1 on iPhone 3GS / 3G can be possible only if the iPhone IOS 4.2.1 is Jailbroken already. So guys hats off to Dev Team.

The process of very simple, but there are some minor limitations and information, which every Unlock iPhone user should know before proceedings it. And they are:

Device should be Jailbroken on iPhone IOS 4.1 / 4.2.1. if not follow the Process of iPhone IOS 4.2.1 Jailbreak with Redsnow 0.9.6b5

Device baseband updated on 06.15.00 while using either Redsnow 0.9.6b5 or Pwnage Tool 4.1.3

Process of Unlocking iPhone IOS 4.2.1 are as follows:

1. Start Cydia on your device.

2. Click on “Manage” Tab and proceed further.

3. Now click on “Sources”.

4. Click on Edit and Add url : http://repo666.ultrasnow.com and Add it.

5. latest Ultrasnow 1.2 will be offered, install it and this will automatically Unlock iPhone IOS 4.2.1….. and YOU ARE DONE… enjoy the Unlock iPhone IOS 4.2.1

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7 Responses to “Unlock iPhone IOS 4.2.1 via Ultrasnow 1.2 for iPhone 3G/3GS”
  1. Latest Snowbreeze 2.2 is release and to Jailbreak Iphone IOS 4.2.1 link is updated in the post:


    do check it….

  2. alex says:

    HOW DO YOU PRESERVE BASEBAND 05.15.04 and thus retain your GPS while unlocking????

    Please need help!

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