JBL and NVIDIA inside Dell XPS Laptops – Can be deadliest Combination

Well, Dell already into everything, now pushing out its XPS Laptops with big entertainment guns, Nvidia and JBL. Yes JBL is the company who is already known for its high sound and musical entertainment electronics system, that includes High Quality Speakers and Music Systems and Nvidia, well who does not know about it. If you are gamer, you will be the fan of Nvidia which is known for its outstanding Graphics Cards support for every upcoming high definition games.

So having The all the High Definition and High Entertaining Sound quality can make the XPS Laptops of Dell deadliest and most demanded if they deliever as Dell has expected to. Recently from the Press Release, Dell announces that The JBL and Nvidia supported systems. Where Nvidia Graphic support will be putted into XPS Laptops where they will be able to through out HD video and Threatre defined videos for the viewers, which will also includes the HD Video Streaming.

With JBL support, high quality JBL designed speakers and sound system has been installed into the XPS Laptops, which will be tantalizing and amazing for the Music and Entertainment Lovers. they will have hell of quality sound support inside XPS Laptops.  MAX waves technology has been inducted for the professionals inside XPS latops

here is the link to  Press Release of Dell for the launch of XPS Laptops

XPS laptops will be available in three range, XPS – 14, XPS – 15 and XPS – 17 series and price range will be from $900 to  $1000 approx. so guys get ready to rock yourself with XPS Latops, with Nvidia and JBL inside it.

here are the screen shots for XPS Laptops.

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