WWDC 2010 Event Live keynotes via Twitter

Well guys, i know everyone out there use Twitter as media for exchanging and sharing words. Now try to find some good Tweetlers, who will Cover Live Keynotes of WWDC 2010 Event live on 7th June. So present you WWDC 2010 Event live Keynotes via Twitter. Everyone knows that iPhone 4G and ipHone 4.0 OS are on the edge and they can be launch on this particular WWDC 2010 Event. So guys we have to make are fingers cross for these two products, on which thousands of people have spoken so far.

SO without wasting time here are some Twitter Accounts which will burst out Live Keynotes from WWDC 2010 Event.



more links and Twitter accounts will be uploaded as we get any solid feed from the world of Blogging and Twitters

previously we uploaded some links of Live Keynote Coverage of WWDC 2010 Event and streaming links will be uploaded very soon so stay in touch.

src: BlogsDNA

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