iPhone IOS 4 Final Version Update [Links Updated]

iphone IOSGuys with the launch of iPhone 4 with Release date of 24th June, iPhone will get its new OS, named as iPhone IOS 4. Hence kills all the initial names, which were given by different blogs around the world. But it was fun. Now iPhone IOS 4 screen and the features are officially uploaded on its official site. iPhone IOS 4 update will be available for the world very soon. May be right after the Pre-Order start of iPhone 4.

iPhone IOS 4, ends the trail of 3.0 OS to 3.1.3 OS and now gives new start with IOS 4 nick name. Features mainly out earlier but having it on with the Apple official style, is good for iPhone and iPhone OS lovers. So lets check the feature in a glimpse.

  • Multitasking Feature : yes it give little more push for iPhoen users to get it because previously iPhone device lacks multitasking.
  • Folders options: Now app can be placed and organized into folders, which is meaningful as well.
  • 5x Digital zoom option: It hits many other cellphone having excellent camera results.
  • Wireless keyboard Support: Well for me, wireless keyboard support is one, world would love to have.

and many other. TO get the brief info about the features of iPhone IOS 4, get into Official Site of iPhone IOS 4

To get the update, regularly check the update from your own iPhone via iTune. or you can check us with link : Update iPhone IOS 4

Only the GM Release for the Developers has been release so ….. Download iPhone IOS 4 GM Release

Now we bring you guys iPhone IOS 4 Final Version:

There two ways to download iPhone IOS 4, first update the iPhone Firmware via iTune by connecting your device

how to download iPhone IOS 4

Other one is get the downloaded iPhone IOS 4 firmware from below mentioned links:

Official Links from Apple are:

For iPhone 4

For iPhone 3GS

For iPhone 3G

For iPod Touch 3G

FOr iPod Touch 2G

You will need these above mentioned iPhone IOS 4 when you try to unlock and Jailbreak your Device. So download them for ease.

TO download or update via iTune follow the Official Link of Apple

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