Gmail Notification via Growl

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Gmail Growl

We must have heard about different applications which are helping out the different developers, same Grown is trying to do. Growl has a feature for fetching gmail account, inbox, outbox and sent items as well via using the user name and passwords. The application is very simple and very swift. Basically it is Notifier and users can make a changes in it as well accordingly to their own need.

Growl is application which can be easily modified and the notifications can be change accordingly to the need. The Growl so much lighter that it does not effect the performance of the PC or Laptop. The visual and audio notifications can be set according to the task. Growl notifiy with every new email in the inbox, and also has feature of transferring the emails and important messages to other computer or accounts as well.

Growl has a feature of Push, with the help of which email are check automatically and the notifications are generated for the users. The Growl is very much compatible with Microsoft Windows as well as with Apple Mac OS. So users of both OS can enjoy the application. Growl is just for the notifications and if there is no activity it stay silent and will not effect the PC usage.

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