BlackBerry and EA Mobile Games

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Everyone is this world uses different Cellphones, OS Mobiles and iPhone and iPod touch for different purposes. Most teenagers uses the featured phone more for the gaming purpose. So every Cellphone is having different kind of profile now. iPhone is mostly renown of its fast video processing and also different big games are now associated with it. Same thing goes with Nokia and Sony Ericsson Featured phone which has motion sensor feature.  Ngage is the most inline gaming phone, for which games developer are continuously working to produce new and most advance games. In the War, One phone who is un seen at gaming stage that is BlackBerry.

BlackBerry is considered to be use by the professional consultants for the business dealing and other official work, which clearly henderign the BlackBerry demands among the youngsters. Now there is some sort of collaboration going on between BLackBerry and EA gaming developer to promote the BlackBerry as the featured phone and also equally compatible for the Gaming, just like any other featured phones. Nokia E series is now a days very close to the BlackBerry and giving tought time in official usage, now if BlackBerry is powered with EA Mobile gaming, it will be big boast to the BlackBerry marketing, because if the EA Mobile games went out with BlackBerry, it will most probably hit the Gaming Stage more powerfully due to its most stable hardware and software features. EA Mobile games also forced the BlackBerry to move along with advanced feature like any other newest featured phone so that Gaming would be easier on the BlackBerry to play. Let us hope that the combination of BlackBerry and EA mobile games will work out right, so that Globe would have more options in purchasing the featured phone which would have dual nature, Official and For gaming as well.

Some of the expected games to be launched for the BlackBerry are as follows:

  • Bejeweled.
  • Need For Speed undercover.
  • Scrabble.
  • Tetris and Tetris Mania
  • The Sims 3 & Tiger Woods PGA Tour.

And many more will come across as the relationship sets up to heights.


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